Topic Reading-Vol.3537-12/17/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3537-12/17/2021

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2021/12/17 Topic Reading-Vol.3537-12/17/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Maker of suicide pod plans to launch in Switzerland

This futuristic pod is designed to let the person inside die without harm. This 3D-printed pod is developed by an Australian humanist, former physician, and euthanasia advocate Dr. Philip Nitschke. He isn’t trying to make money from it. Instead, he intends to make the design and specifications available for anyone for free to help those who wish to terminate their lives without medical personnel’s assistance. The pod is controlled from the inside so that the suicide process could be stopped or aborted by the suicide volunteer. He hopes the suicide pod will be used in Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal. In 2020, as many as 1,300 people chose to die in the country with a population of 8.6 million. Whether the pod can actually be used without violating any law is still uncertain. Will there be a sale of this pod online in the near future?

Read the article and learn about this 3D-printed suicide pod.

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