Topic Reading-Vol.3539-12/19/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3539-12/19/2021

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2021/12/19 Topic Reading-Vol.3539-12/19/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Upcoming Moon missions spur the search for new spacesuits

When NASA is sending humans to the Moon again after a half century’s absence, will those astronauts be wearing the same clumsy space suits as Neil Armstrong did? Extravehicular Mobility Units, or EMUs, are the suits that astronauts wear in space or on the ground of other planetary objects, like the moon and Mars. They are designed to protect the wearer and allow them to conduct the extravehicular activity or EVA. Such space suits include communication tools, nappies, and an in-suit drinking bag for an hours-long EVA. So far, only little has changed in spacesuit design in the last four decades. As private space missions and tours have become more popular, NASA is now asking private enterprises to design and propose new space suits designs. Since the private sector works under constant competition and pressure, they tend to be more innovative and aggressive than public agencies to develop new technologies and solutions. They may even come up with not only functional or economical but also more fashionable spacesuits.

Enjoy reading the article and learn about what astronauts wear in space.

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