Topic Reading-Vol.3709-6/7/2022

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Topic Reading-Vol.3709-6/7/2022

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2022/06/07 Topic Reading-Vol.3709-6/7/2022

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

The New Yorkers in crisis over skyrocketing rents

Good news seems to have brought very bad news for working-class renters in major cities like New York. The good news for New Yorkers is that business is back to normal after the pandemic. As schools, offices, restaurants and bars, and theaters opened their doors, many ex or new residents are coming back to the city. Also, because of the recent housing price increase, many homebuyers have decided to keep renting their places. Though it is natural that prices rise when demand increases, when the rent goes up by over 50% or even higher, what the renter can do? There are only a few choices for them besides earning more money, moving out to a cheaper place, sharing a room or two with someone, or bearing the increase. The problem is that there aren’t any affordable options in the city because everyone is in the same boat. Also, moving and initial costs to a new place may cost as much as or even higher than the rent hike in the short term. Having a roommate is possible only if there is another room to share. Such a situation is extremely hard for those whose incomes are moderate or aren’t increasing at the same pace as the soaring inflation or rent. Indeed, inflation hits the medium and low income earners the hardest. And this isn’t limited to New Yorkers. Dwellers of other major cities around the world are facing similar problems.

Read the article and learn about how New York renters are struggling with the recent rent hike.

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