Topic Reading-Vol.3725-6/23/2022

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Topic Reading-Vol.3725-6/23/2022

英語で世界を知ろう!Topic Reading

2022/06/23 Topic Reading-Vol.3725-6/23/2022

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

She’s visited every country in the world. Here’s what she learned

Of the 195 UN-recognized countries, how many have you visited? There are about 400 or so serious travelers who visited all of them. Recently, a travel influencer made it as the first African American woman at the age of 36. She decided to take on the challenge in 2017, took more than 450 flights, and landed in the 195th country on October 6, 2019, the Republic of Seychelles, an island country located in the Somali Sea segment of the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and about 1,600 km east of Kenya. She used her Ugandan passport to visit over 40 countries including North Korea and Iran where US citizens aren’t welcomed or restricted, and used her US passport to visit the rest. As a popular travel influencer, she was careful with what experiences and how to share them with her followers in order to preserve the particular nature and culture of the places. Just having enough time and money won’t make someone accomplish such tiring and demanding trips. Determination, encouragement, and timing (she couldn’t have done that after March 2000), not to mention physical and mental conditions, are all needed to make such a grand slam trip.

Enjoy reading the article and learning about what it’s like to visit all the countries in the world.

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