Topic Reading-Vol.3726-6/24/2022

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Topic Reading-Vol.3726-6/24/2022

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2022/06/24 Topic Reading-Vol.3726-6/24/2022

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Lightyear 0 solar-assisted car will go into production this year

At a price of a Ferrari, you could get a car whose acceleration is no faster than a pickup truck. Would you be interested in buying it? Lightyear 0 is a solar-assisted car that is scheduled to go into production later this year. The top surface of the car is covered by solar panels that generate electricity to add extra mileage, around 10 kilometers per hour. This means you can drive this car longer with fewer battery charges, as long as 600 kilometers without stopping to recharge (though the driver and passengers will certainly require a recharge and rest). Its aerodynamic design, four in-wheel motors, and smaller battery all contributed to achieving this power efficiency. It takes as long as 10 seconds to reach the top speed, 160 kilometers per hour, about the performance of a passenger car of the previous generation. If you live in a sunny place and park your car outside, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of this futuristic solar-assisted vehicle, provided that you’re willing to pay 10 times more money than an ordinary passenger car. And of course, you will enjoy a little greener drive.

Enjoy reading the article and seeing photos of this and other solar-assisted vehicles.

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