Topic Reading-Vol.3733-7/1/2022

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Topic Reading-Vol.3733-7/1/2022

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2022/07/01 Topic Reading-Vol.3733-7/1/2022

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Summer air travel is off to a messy start. Here’s how to up the chances of getting where you want to go

As travel restrictions have been removed, people are booking for the summer around the world. While some airlines are scheduling flights nearly as many as they used to operate before the pandemic, airlines in the US are cutting back the number of scheduled flights. Why? They laid off too many pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff during the pandemic and are now having difficulty bringing them back or replacing them. Also, there are shortages of airport workers, including air traffic controllers. In short, both airlines and airports are going to have a very busy, maybe too busy summer this year. So, if any incidents or accidents occur at an airport or during a flight, delays and cancellations of other flights are inevitable as a chain reaction. Here are some tips that might help you to improve your readiness for your valuable summer travel.

As for your flights, try to book in the early hours, get to the airport three, not two hours before the flight, and choose non-stop flights, but if you can’t, keep a longer connection time. When you plan your trip, try to get to the place earlier, pack your essentials in your carry-on bag, and book backup transportation if you can. While traveling, check your departure airport’s and airline’s websites frequently, get airline apps for checking flight status and rebooking, and confirm your reservation at your hotel before checking in. Better be prepared than sorry.

Enjoy reading the article to learn about these after-pandemic travel tips.

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