Topic Reading-Vol.3736-7/4/2022

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Topic Reading-Vol.3736-7/4/2022

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2022/07/04 Topic Reading-Vol.3736-7/4/2022

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

The hidden spaces on planes that are off limits to passengers

How are pilots and flight attendants rest during a long flight? Pilots have to be in very good shape for approaching and landing and cabin crew members must show their fresh and friendly faces to serve the before-landing refreshments and meals. However, you probably haven’t seen them sitting or taking a nap in a passenger’s seat. Where are they taking a rest?

On large, wide-body jets, crew rest compartments (known as CRCs) for flight attendants and pilots are usually tucked away behind locked doors and are off-limits to the public. Depending on the type of aircraft, these compartments are usually located either above or below the passenger cabin. What do they look like? How comfortable are they?

Enjoy reading the article and seeing the photos of hidden rest compartments on large aircraft.

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