Topic Reading-Vol.2095-1/5/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2095-1/5/2018

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2018/01/05 Topic Reading-Vol.2095-1/5/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

WHO to recognize gaming disorder as mental health condition in 2018

Good news or bad news? Those who play video games excessively and have behavioral problems in personal or social, educational or professional activities should be warned as the World Health Organization, the WHO, now recognizes such functional difficulties as a mental disorder. For example, if a person plays games, either online or offline, obsessively and put other should-be-done things uncared for or undone for some period of time, he or she might be diagnosed as gaming disorder. This might give the person a chance to receive medical treatment and rehabilitation that are covered by health insurance. However, it is officially classified as a mental disorder, such diagnosis could cause problems when applying for an educational or professional opportunity.

Though people know that excess or obsessive appetite for food, alcohol or gaming could result in new challenges in life. There is no need to completely cut off your favorite thing or activity. Moderation seems to be the key to a better life.

Enjoy reading and think if there is anything you’re obsessed with.

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