Topic Reading-Vol.2219-5/9/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2219-5/9/2018

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2018/05/09 Topic Reading-Vol.2219-5/9/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Taj Mahal colour change worries India Supreme Court

The Taj Mahal stands on the bank of Yamuna River, in Agra, about 200 km from the nation’s capital, Delhi. The famous white mausoleum complex was commissioned by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1632 to house the remains of his beloved queen. It is one of the world’s most celebrated structures and a proud symbol of India’s history and visited by millions of people every year.

The Taj Mahal is built of shimmering white marble, which seems to change color depending on the daylight. But its color turned yellow and is now turning brown and green. The causes of the color change are believed to be pollution, construction and insect excretion. In an attempt to clean the stained surface, the palace’s white marble has been coated in a mud pack, just like a face mask, to absorb dirt, grease, and animal excrement.

Enjoy reading the article about this massive mud pack on the romantic and historic architecture.

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