Topic Reading-Vol.2273-7/2/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2273-7/2/2018

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2018/07/02 Topic Reading-Vol.2273-7/2/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Supreme Court upholds travel ban

Another sign of the Divided States of America. The US supreme court ruled that the President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions to travelers from the designated countries is within the scope of executive responsibility. They are Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, and Venezuela. You can tell easily that these are the countries that have been producing quite a number of refugees in recent years.

The highest court was as divided as the sentiment of the people in the country, five-to-four, which means that if just one of the judges had had a different thought, the decision could have been different. The President seemed to be so pleased with the ruling that he tweeted immediately that the ruling was a tremendous victory for the American people and the constitution (and for him).

Enjoy reading and think what the President would have tweeted if the supreme court decision had been other way around.

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