Topic Reading-Vol.2306-8/4/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2306-8/4/2018

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2018/08/04 Topic Reading-Vol.2306-8/4/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

A crammed commute where men aren’t allowed

Life is a struggle, especially for women in Mumbai, India. It is the second most populous metropolitan area in India with a population of over 21 million.

Mumbai Suburban Railway provides train services for over 7.5 million commuters daily, connecting suburban areas and the metro region. It is the most crowded commuter rail system in the world.

You can imagine how struggling it is for female commuters there. Just getting on and off those overpacked trains is beyond imagination. Even if one successfully gets on it, she needs to struggle just to survive in the crowd to the destination. There could be groping, pickpocketing, or robbery to female passengers. Can they protect themselves?

Here is a solution. Dedicated compartments for women and children under 13. There, women can safely settle themselves and travel without fear of being intimidated or attacked. But there is more to it than that. Since most of those commuters take the same train on their workdays, they come to know each other and become friends. They can chat, sing, or even celebrate other’s birthday on the train. Then, the train becomes a social place for commuters.

Enjoy watching the video and learn about commuters in Mumbai.

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