Topic Reading-Vol.2312-8/10/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2312-8/10/2018

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2018/08/10 Topic Reading-Vol.2312-8/10/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Why Brazilians are always late?

Are you punctual? Is that important in your culture?

In countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Japan, punctuality is the rule number one, except for Japan where politeness is no less essential for business and social occasions. A delay by a minute makes others irritated and frowned. Yes, you are expected to arrive and things start on time in those cultures.

However in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro in particular, punctuality is neither expected nor appreciated. For example, turning up on time to a social gathering is regarded as awkward. And it’s not just for a few minutes but to an hour or two is the norm. Why do Brazilians hold such a relaxed approach to time-keeping? Is that because of the traffic congestion or lack of transportation infrastructure? Some say that’s because of their optimism in life.

Enjoy reading and learn how and why Brazilians don’t want to be punctual in western standard.

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