Topic Reading-Vol.2318-8/16/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2318-8/16/2018

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2018/08/16 Topic Reading-Vol.2318-8/16/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Good cod! A bitesize history of fish and chips

Yesterday in Volume 2317, stories of French Fry were introduced. Today, let’s learn about one of the most popular ways of serving fried potatoes in Britain, Fish and Chips.

You may wonder why two distinct foods were combined and became one popular dish. When and how each food became popular, and who ate them in the early days. Back then, fried food was a luxury. It was only enjoyed by the rich and served on plates. As the two fried foods became popular, they were wrapped in old newspaper. Today, the combined dish is served anywhere in the UK with lemon and/or vinegar.

Enjoy watching the video, of course in a British accent, and learn this popular British dish.

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