Topic Reading-Vol.2367-10/4/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2367-10/4/2018

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2018/10/04 Topic Reading-Vol.2367-10/4/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers

2,569th birthday of Confucius celebrated in China

Born in 551 BCE, Confucius (孔子) was a Chinese philosopher, teacher and political figure whose teachings focused on creating ethical models of family, society, and ruling. He emphasized the importance of loyalty of family, respect for ancestors and elders and ruling with disciplines and orders in governance as well as parental affection to the people.

His sayings and dialogues were collected in Lunyu (論語) (pronounced Lúnyǔ!), commonly translated as “Confucian Analects.” It is still read, taught and referred to especially in China, Korea and Japan, and also in many other places in the world.

Even after 25 centuries of time, Confucius is regarded as one of the most influential persons who shaped the lives of humanity.

Enjoy reading the article about the commemoration of this great figure and see the photos of the ceremony.

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