Topic Reading-Vol.2371-10/8/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2371-10/8/2018

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2018/10/08 Topic Reading-Vol.2371-10/8/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers

A potted history of instant noodles 

Do you like instant noodles? They are one of the most popular precooked meal in many places in the world. Nearly 100 billion servings were consumed a year. The largest market is China that sold over 40 billion servings, followed by Indonesia’s 13 billion. Combined, these two populous countries ate over half of the global consumption in 2015.

Instant noodles are usually sold in a precooked and dried noodle block with flavoring powder. They were invented in Japan in 1958 when the growing population needed food that would fill their stomachs quickly. Cup noodles are a popular package of instant noodles in a plastic or paper food container with flavoring and soup powder, which was also created in Japan 13 years later when busy individuals wanted even easier and faster snack.

Though instant noodles are convenient and stomach-filling, they are also too rich in carbohydrates, fat, and sodium. So, they become popular when the economy is developing, and people need the energy to get along, but the consumption declines when people start to become more health conscious. In fact, the market for instant noodles in China has already started to decline.

Enjoy watching the video about instant noodles and think if you want one for your next meal or snack.

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