Topic Reading-Vol.2458-1/3/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2458-1/3/2019

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2019/01/03 Topic Reading-Vol.2458-1/3/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Electric 3D-printed motorbike provides a glimpse into the future of green travel

E-motorcycle doesn’t sound so new any longer these days, not only on the theater screens but only on the street. Also, 3D-printed commodity items, industrial parts, and artworks are nothing new. But what about a 3D-printed functional electric motorcycle?

A German manufacturing company has broken the limits of conventional mechanical design and engineering and created a prototype of 3D-Ebike, named Nera. Everything but the electronic components is 3D-printed, including the tires and wheels, which means each motorcycle could be custom-built. Without a steel chassis, the Nera E-bike weighs just 60 kilograms, but not any other number on performance or range has been announced yet.

How long will it take to see fully customized 3D-printed E-bikes running on the street? Will we see ones for ride-share services?

Enjoy seeing this futuristic prototype of a printed motorcycle.

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