Topic Reading-Vol.2844-1/24/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2844-1/24/2020

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2020/01/24 Topic Reading-Vol.2844-1/24/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Facial recognition: EU considers ban of up to five years

Facial recognition is a technology that identifies or verifies a person’s visual image, either from a photo or video frame, by comparing selected facial features with faces within a database. Since there are factors such as aging, plastic surgery, cosmetics, or pose of the subject that could mislead the identification, the accuracy of the facial recognition systems are not as high as the ones of iris or fingerprint recognition. However, facial recognition systems are used in public places like airports and train stations as well as in offices and laboratories mainly for security purposes. In fact, they are widely used in China both for security and commercial purposes. For example, hundreds of millions of CCTV cameras are installed in public places to monitor people. Also, some stores are using facial recognition systems to verify pre-registered shoppers so that they can check out the store without stopping while cameras in subway stations identify the pre-registered passengers and allow them to go through the gate instead of a token or ticket. If used properly, facial recognition systems offer security to society and convenience to businesses and customers.

However, data privacy is the main concern when it comes to storing biometrics data in companies and public offices. It may infringe the privacy and could be used maliciously if the data is accessed by someone with malicious intentions. Because of these fears, the European Commission is considering a ban on the use of facial recognition in public areas for some years. By the time the EU countries allow the use of facial recognition systems, Chinese authorities and enterprises will be using the next, or next to the next generation of advanced facial recognition systems and applications.

Enjoy reading the article and think about the pros and cons of the use of facial recognition technologies.

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