Topic Reading-Vol.2905-3/25/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2905-3/25/2020

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2020/03/25 Topic Reading-Vol.2905-3/25/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Discounts, freebies, coupons spice up consumption market

While the death toll is mounting in Europe, especially in Italy where hundreds of people are dying each day, China is trying to recover from the economic slowdown during the outbreak of the novel virus. The nation suffered a substantial loss in all business activities over the course of the last two months, including the supposedly robust spring festival period. Even though many still hesitate to open their wallets to spend on things they would have bought a few weeks ago, local governments, retailers, and service providers are offering coupons, vouchers, and discounts to stimulate consumer spending.

Which will be more effective to reboot the once-frozen economy, giving relief money to those in need or stimulating those who have money to spend? That decision might be more influenced by the next election rather than the economy in a democratic country.

Enjoy reading the article and think about what will take and how long to recover from the pandemic.

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