Topic Reading-Vol.3122-10/28/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3122-10/28/2020

英語で世界を知ろう!Topic Reading

2020/10/28 Topic Reading-Vol.3122-10/28/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Guinness may actually be good for you now: There’s a non-alcoholic version

One of the world’s most well-known beer is Guinness, a dark Irish dry stout. It was first brewed in Dublin, Ireland in 1759, and the company has been successfully adding breweries in nearly 50 countries. Interestingly, while an average beer contains about 5% alcohol, Guinness clocks in at just 4.2%. Even though it is lighter in alcohol, it cannot be consumed if one needs to be sober, but not anymore. The old brewery has just introduced new Guinness 0.0, an alcohol-free version without spoiling the taste or flavor of the renowned beer by removing the alcohol through a cold filtration process. Furthermore, Guinness 0.0 has only 70 calories in a standard can, less than half the calory of the traditional beer.

Now, you can enjoy drinking the famous brand beer even while you’re driving or working! The question is if it makes driving safer or work more productive.

Enjoy reading the article and think if you want to try it when it becomes available to your market.

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