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Topic Reading-Vol.3281-4/5/2021

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2021/04/05 Topic Reading-Vol.3281-4/5/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Switzerland’s female soldiers can finally stop wearing men’s underwear

The Swiss Armed Forces are Switzerland’s military that consists of a small number of regular soldiers and conscripts or volunteers in the army and air force. While maintaining the compulsory military service to all men, Swiss has been reducing the number of active personnel from 400,000 to 100,000. Among the regular service forces, less than 1% of the personnel are women, who are supplied only men’s underwear. Now, in order to increase the female proportion to 10% by 2030, the Swiss army announced to bring in women’s undergarments. A big change.

But if female soldiers were only provided men’s underwear, what about other conditions, such as toilets, barracks, and other privacies?

Enjoy reading the article and learn about the Swiss Army’s ongoing changes.

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