Topic Reading-Vol.3303-4/27/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3303-4/27/2021

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2021/04/27 Topic Reading-Vol.3303-4/27/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

France cuts two nuclear-powered submarines in half to make one new one

A good attempt to save the body and materials that can still be used. There was a submarine whose front half was totally unusable because of a fire. There was another sister submarine that had been decommissioned and waiting to be scrapped whose front half could still be used. So, the French navy decided to put the usable half of the two vessels together to revive the fire-damaged submarine. What a great mindset it is to save materials and resources! Though it sounds like simple work, it involves enormous engineering effort and shipyard work to cut two subs in half and put them together to ensure reliability and performance under extreme water pressure.

But what kind of submarine? It’s a nuclear-powered attack submarine of the French navy.

Should those originally damaged and decommissioned subs be revived in the first place? Well, they are building a new type of nuc-submarines anyway. So, somehow or the other, there still be a certain number of nuclear-powered subs underwater anyway.

Enjoy reading the article and learn what it’s like to put two halves of subs together.

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