Topic Reading-Vol.3542-12/22/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3542-12/22/2021

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2021/12/22 Topic Reading-Vol.3542-12/22/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

‘I have to live in a cage’: See how this city copes with its monkey population

Lopburi is an ancient city 150km north of Thailand’s capital Bangkok with a population of just under 60,000. The city is famous for macaque monkeys. Unlike ordinary wild animals, those monkeys are used to living in the city with humans. In fact, they even attract tourists. As they are historically protected, their population has grown to around 4,500, many of those living in and around the historic temple called “Monkey Temple.” But they often invade stores and homes in the town to grab food. Some become even more aggressive and try to steal food from tourists and shops. The residents try to scare them off by showing a slingshot. For the monkeys’ sake, they have no choice but to live in the city as there are no trees or water sources around. In order to curb the monkey’s population increase, hundreds of monkeys have been sterilized each year. But why their population has increased so much in the city?

Enjoy watching the video and learn about how humans can live with their close relatives.

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