Topic Reading-Vol.3740-7/8/2022

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Topic Reading-Vol.3740-7/8/2022

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2022/07/08 Topic Reading-Vol.3740-7/8/2022

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Amazon introduces new warehouse robot, says it’s not replacing human workers

Amazon’s fulfillment centers (warehouses) are busy 24/7 and get even busier especially during holiday seasons when people aren’t working. Nowadays, since faster deliveries are essential to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies, the online retail giant is adding more mobile robots to get the boxes stored and shipped faster and more safely. This new autonomous warehouse robot, Proteus, can move heavy carts around the warehouse and work with humans safely. The video shows how smoothly but closely the robots pass each other, beyond the level that humans cannot or aren’t allowed to do. How much percentage of the total workload is done by humans in modern warehouses? As labor shortage is becoming a universal problem, smarter and faster robots are going to take place of or compensate for humans. Indeed, robots just need proper maintenance to work 24/7, which perfectly matches the operational requirements.

Enjoy watching the video to learn about Amazon’s latest warehouse robot.

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