Topic Reading-Vol.2646-7/10/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2646-7/10/2019

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2019/07/10 Topic Reading-Vol.2646-7/10/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Heatwaves: What you should and shouldn’t do to stay cool

Summer is coming in the northern hemisphere. If you are in an air-conditioned space, you need not worry about the heat and do whatever you like, such as reading a book, taking a nap or doing an exercise. But when you are exposed to extreme heat, say 35 degrees Celsius or higher, your body is dehydrated quite fast and the body temperature goes up. What should you do to stay cool?

First, you need to get liquid before it’s too late. But with what kind? Water, coffee, or beer? Hot or cold? You also want to get a breeze to make you feel cooler. But should you open the windows or run a fan? Though the answers to these questions are mostly conditional and circumstantial, you may want to know what you should and shouldn’t do and why.

Enjoy reading the verdicts and prepare for the summer heat.

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