Topic Reading-Vol.3524-12/4/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3524-12/4/2021

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2021/12/04 Topic Reading-Vol.3524-12/4/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Activists worked to end pregnant schoolgirl ban. They succeeded

Tanzania is a country in East Africa with a population of just over 60 million. Over 100 languages are spoken but most of the Tanzanians speak Swahili, the de facto national language. Primary and secondary education is compulsory and approximately three-quarters of children age five and 14 years attend school. Until recently, Tanzania was one of two countries in Africa that prohibit pregnant schoolgirls to study at school. It was estimated that over 5,000 pregnant girls had been barred from continuing their studies every year because of the ban. In fact, there were forced pregnancy testing and expulsion for girls who were found pregnant under the last administration. Now, the new Tanzania’s first female president decided to remove all barriers for schoolgirls to return to school after dropping out, pregnancy, or a delivery. The country is now expected to give proper sexual education especially to schoolgirls, especially the poor, who are exploited by adults.

Read the article and learn about Tanzania’s advance in educational opportunities.

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