Topic Reading-Vol.3737-7/5/2022

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Topic Reading-Vol.3737-7/5/2022

英語で世界を知ろう!Topic Reading

2022/07/05 Topic Reading-Vol.3737-7/5/2022

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Australia census: Five ways the country is changing

Australia is a geographically diverse country with a wide variety of landscapes and climates, deserts in the center, tropical rainforests in the northeast, and mountain ranges in the southeast. Despite the infertile soils, there used to be over hundreds of thousands of indigenous people living before Europeans arrived in 1788. Now, of the 25.5 million total population, indigenous people account for only 78,000, according to the latest census. In the last five years, Australia’s population increased by 2.1 million, more than half of which were born overseas or have a parent who was. Surprisingly, nearly a quarter of those immigrants came from India. Now, one in five Australians speak a language other than English at home. Also found is that Australia is becoming less religious, just 44% of the population identify as Christian and nearly 40% say they have no particular religion at all. You may also want to be aware that Australian cities now are among the least affordable housing markets in the world. In such a huge country with vast open land? You might now refresh your image and knowledge of Australia.

Enjoy reading the article and learning about modern Australia.

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